As a first responder, whenever you answer the call, you risk everything to selflessly serve others, facing injury, illness, and even death. Because of your service, you need specialty insurance coverage designed to meet the needs of emergency first responders. At General Insurance Agency, we understand your unique requirements regarding insurance programs and have seen the shortcomings and loopholes you have to face. Extensive waiting periods, pre-existing medical condition exclusions, and disability limitations are just some of the issues first responders encounter. These faults can ruin a family’s financial stability. When you put your life on the line to protect others, who’s there when you need protection? General Insurance Agency is. We aim to provide top-rated accident and health insurance for first responders in the Long Beach area. Below we share what accident and health insurance look like for a first responder and how we can help. 

What Is Accident and Health Insurance for First Responders?

Accident and health insurance helps Long Beach emergency personnel such as firefighters, ambulance drivers, police, and rescue squad members when they sustain an injury or illness when they’re on the front lines. Because they continually put their lives at risk to protect their communities, we believe they deserve the best insurance protection designed specifically for them. At General Insurance Agency, we aim to make that a reality. We currently work with more than 375 emergency service organizations in the Tri-state area, and offer security and peace of mind with insurance options specifically tailored for first responders. We represent exceptional insurance carriers to ensure you receive top-tier assistance and support from the people who understand your needs the most. When you choose General Insurance Agency, we offer some of the most comprehensive and essential coverages available including: 

Let our insurance programs safeguard you against liabilities and risks unique to the emergency service fields. Below we discuss the lines of coverage available and the insurance carriers we represent:

The insurance carriers we represent include:

Why Partner With General Insurance Agency? 

We understand your unique needs as an emergency services provider in Long Beach and proudly serve those who put their life on the line every day including: 

We have the honor of representing some of the most comprehensive insurance programs in the marketplace to best serve you. If you or your organization has any questions or concerns regarding our insurance programs, don’t hesitate to reach us at 1-800-882-0801, or [email protected]. Our agents are readily available and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to answer your questions.