Firefighters risk their lives every day to help protect the greater Wilmington, DE community. With the increased risks of emergency assistance due to injuries caused by fire, accident, or health crisis, fire department insurance is essential to keep all fire department staff and equipment protected. 

A fire department is staffed with firefighters, and paramedics or EMTs. With that being said, there is a need to provide equal insurance for all these personnel as they are in the occupation of putting themselves in danger. In addition to the firefighters and EMTs, the fire trucks, fire engines, and ambulances all must be insured as well. 

Even with state-of-the-art equipment and professional training, fire department employees are still presented with life-threatening dangers daily. When searching for a top-rated fire department insurance company, look no further than General Insurance Agency. Our programs offer confidential resources at any time of the day or night to your fire department employees and property. 

Why Do Fire Departments Need Insurance?

In the day-to-day routine of a Wilmington fire department employee or volunteer, hazards are presented. Unfortunately, it is no surprise that firefighters are often faced with injuries such as burns that can potentially develop into exposure-related cancers. Due to these circumstances, fire departments must consider the external costs of medical-related expenses to ensure the health and well-being of their employees and volunteers. 

Additionally, over time the conditions of a department’s trucks, engines, and ambulances will decrease in value. This calls for pricey repairs or replacements. When your local Wilmington fire department partners with General Insurance Agency, your department will be protected from these financial interests and liability to ensure safety and security. 

What Type of Insurance Do Fire Departments Need? 

What is included in fire departments insurance? Due to the nature of a fire department, there are greater liability concerns including everything from the department’s vehicles to the department’s staff’s health. This calls for different types of insurance. 

The first type of insurance is commercial property. If the building of a fire department is faced with damages, commercial property insurance will assist in covering a significant portion of the costs associated. Next, general liability insurance will help keep a lawsuit off the department’s hands. This is associated with the costs of third-party injuries and damage claims. When a firefighter or paramedic gets injured on the job, worker’s compensation will cover any medical expenses and their lost wages. Furthermore, mobile equipment insurance refers to any equipment that is too large to be considered a motor vehicle. This includes fire trucks and engines. Lastly, business auto insurance covers any motor vehicle accidents and claims. 

Why Choose General Insurance Agency For Your Fire Department Insurance?

At General Insurance Agency, we understand your fire departments’ need for insurance. Our policies are specific to offering your department security and peace of mind when it comes to insurance options. We provide exceptional insurance to ensure your fire department receives only top-tier assistance and support. You put your life on the line every day, let General Insurance Agency protect you against any liabilities and risks. Contact our professional agents today to get started!