At General Insurance Agency 9-ONE-1 (GIA 911), we recognize the vital role first responders play in keeping Norristown safe. That’s why we are proud to offer specialized insurance options for first responders, tailored to meet the unique needs of emergency service providers in this vibrant city.

Comprehensive First Responder Insurance Programs

At GIA 911, we understand that the challenges faced by first responders in Norristown require specialized insurance coverage. Our insurance programs are thoughtfully designed to safeguard those who put their lives on the line to protect others. Whether you are part of a volunteer fire department, ambulance service, or search and rescue team, our insurance solutions have got you covered.

Protecting You on the Scene and at the Station

Norristown’s first responders require comprehensive coverage that extends both on the scene and at the station. GIA 911 is dedicated to providing insurance solutions that offer protection for a wide range of scenarios. From property damage to portable equipment claims, we are here to support you throughout the entire process, offering valuable information and assistance whenever you need it.

Specialized Insurance Options for First Responders

Our insurance options in Norristown are tailored to address the unique risks and liabilities inherent in the emergency service fields. Here are some of the key insurance coverages we offer:

Property Insurance: We provide Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for buildings and business personal property. Additional property exposures include flood, earthquake, business income and extra expense, equipment breakdown, and data coverage, as well as coverage for newly acquired property.

Commercial General Liability: Our emergency services liability and fire and rescue services liability coverages include emergency services errors and omissions, directors and officers liability, medical malpractice, employment-related practices liability, and more.

Business Automobile Insurance: Protect your organization and its members from potential lawsuits arising from motor vehicle accidents. Our coverage options include liability for hired and non-owned vehicles, medical payments, fellow member liability, physical damage, full glass coverage, towing, and labor.

Emergency Apparatus Coverage: We offer physical damage coverage for your emergency vehicles on an Agreed Value basis, with a scheduled limit of insurance chosen by you. Additional enhancements include coverage for members’ vehicles, substitute apparatus, rental reimbursement, full glass, and towing and labor.

Portable Equipment Insurance: Our portable equipment coverage provides Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for equipment used away from your premises. This covers items such as turnout gear, defibrillators, EMS kits, drones, golf carts, boats, and ATVs, along with additional exposures like members’ personal property, patient’s property, computers and software, and commandeered property.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: An Umbrella/Excess Liability policy provides extra limits of insurance above the primary limits provided under a commercial package policy. It also covers damages and legal defense costs if the coverage under primary policies is exhausted.

Partnering with Norristown’s First Responders

GIA 911 has the privilege of partnering with over 375 emergency service organizations in the Tri-state area, including Norristown. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that first responders receive the support and protection they deserve. 

Tailored Insurance Solutions

As a first responder in Norristown, you deserve first responder insurance programs that cater to your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with GIA 911 for all your insurance requirements. Contact us at 1-800-882-0801 to explore the comprehensive insurance programs we offer and obtain a quote tailored to your organization’s needs. With GIA 911 by your side, you can focus on what matters most—keeping Norristown safe.