When it comes to getting the best insurance quotes, there are several strategies you can employ to save money while still getting the coverage you need. At General Insurance Agency (GIA), we’ll help you learn everything you can about how to get an insurance quote. 

What’s In a Quote?

An insurance quote is a rough estimate of how much you might pay for your insurance policy, specifically your premiums. Insurers use their formulas to calculate quotes, so it’s not unusual for similar coverage options to come back at different amounts. Insurance considers many things when getting a quote. They factor in things such as, age, sex, education level, and even your credit score. 

Shop Around

One of the most important things you can do is to shop around. Don’t settle for the first quote you receive because different insurance companies will offer different rates for the same coverage. We’ve done everything we can to ensure we offer the best coverage with competitive pricing to meet all your needs as a first responder. At General Insurance Agency, we specialize in the unique needs of Ridgewood first responders and offer plans that work for them, unlike conventional insurance programs. 

Ask Questions

We don’t expect you to know everything about insurance. That’s why we’re the experts! Our goal is to help you through the process, from shopping around to selecting a plan. When you speak with one of our agents, we do our best to answer any questions you have, even before you ask! 

Some insurance companies will charge a fee for a quote, but it’s not typically standard. When getting a free insurance quote, you must provide the most accurate information possible. The better information you can give us, the more accurate your quote will be. If the information we get is incorrect or outdated, it can throw you off when you sign up for a plan.

Experience Matters

Insurance agents who’ve been in the field know first-hand how important the right coverage is, especially for first responders. At GIA, we’ve been in business for more than 40 years, specializing in the people who put their lives on the line every day. We know what matters most to you, and we know how to make sure you get it. Our programs are designed to safeguard you against the risks and damages unique to the emergency services field. 

We offer a large selection of coverage for first responders in Ridgewood, including commercial general liability, business automobile, emergency apparatus, and even an umbrella liability option to provide extra insurance about the primary liability. Umbrella liability prevents you from going out of pocket for legal defense fees if you exhaust your primary policy.

Getting insurance that is both cost-effective and covers anything a first responder might need can be a challenge. Getting the best quotes requires research and diligence. But, with our team on your side, you’re sure to get coverage that’s both inclusive and economical. 

Have questions? Call us at (800) 882-0801 to learn how to get an insurance quote today. We’ve got your back!